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Whovian And Proud by SpiritOfSakura Whovian And Proud :iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 1 0 Merry Christmas from the Doctor by SpiritOfSakura Merry Christmas from the Doctor :iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 1 0 Bad Wolf by SpiritOfSakura Bad Wolf :iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 0 0 Hello Sweetie by SpiritOfSakura Hello Sweetie :iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 1 0 Gallifreyan - first attempt by SpiritOfSakura Gallifreyan - first attempt :iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 0 0
Of stars and stagnation
stars are shameless;
they show us their past openly,
revealing to us in their light the world of so very long ago
and I am lost in that world,
a world of darkness and light,
staring up at the sky as the rest of the world keeps moving.
and I sit and focus on the past—
not mine, but theirs, a past full of wonder and light
and marvel at what they have seen
as I watch the sky,
thinking my own life to be unexciting
while others around me are living
and I wait for adventure to come to me
while everyone else
is busy going out to find theirs.
What the hell am I doing?
:iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 3 1
DemonQuest by SpiritOfSakura DemonQuest :iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 1 0
Humans lie and deceive. They feel emotions: sorrow, pain, happiness, hope. They drag others down into hell in order to climb higher themselves. Perhaps worst of all, despite their own natures, they somehow believe that they can trust others to never betray them. Demons, on the other hand, are very simple creatures. Their existence consists of but one constant goal: to satisfy their hunger.
So it was a very good thing that Sebastian was patient.
It had been such a long time since his last contract had ended. The scent of Ciel Phantomhive’s soul had been too irresistible to pass up. And so now he waited patiently, anticipating the day when the contract would be completed and the boy’s soul would be his. There was just one problem.
He was absolutely ravenous. And every time his master came near him, it took all of Sebastian’s self-control to not take his soul then and there. But, he reminded himself, it would all be worth it. In the end, Ciel’s soul would ta
:iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 10 5
d i s a p p e a r . thoughts
there are words in my mind, red kite strings
playing in the wind
i reach out and grasp only mist
slips through my fingers
like water or moonlight
the ink stains on my hand a mark of futility
i want to taste starlight
touch this room’s silence
hear the snow fall
i want to sing a memory
catch a star in flight
and write the raindrops
as they cry their forever
and return to nothing
but tonight the sky is clouded
the room hums gently
and the red threads of eternity
are slipping away once more
:iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 1 4
My hopes and dreams
Are so far out of reach
That I don’t even know what they are
And sometimes I feel
Trapped inside,
Like a firefly in a jar.
How pathetic am I?
Against the vastness
Of the entire world—
The whole universe
And history of time—
I am but only one girl.
I don’t want to be lost,
Cast aside and forgotten,
But who am I to say
What the world will remember
If I can’t even decide
What I will do today?
A speck of sand,
That’s all I am,
Amongst the millions on the shore,
Until a wave takes me back
Into the sea
For now and forever more.
:iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 1 0
Closing In
Ashen clay,
Gray as death
Crimson rose,
Red as blood
Thorns in my skin,
Piercing me through
The sky so blue—
Where has it gone?
My heart racing—
Faster, faster
My pulse pounds
With the wolf’s cry
Night around me,
Pressing closer
Death is nigh.
:iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 0 0
Mid Boss Demotivational by SpiritOfSakura Mid Boss Demotivational :iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 1 0
Hello there, my lady, good evening.
Would you care to dance with me?
It is an ethereal dance I weave,
A dance of madness, a dance of poison.
Yes, the danse macabre,
The dance of death.
This is the dance I weave.
That is my dance,
My duty as a shinigami,
A reaper, a god of death.
Don't be afraid, I promise it will be painless.
Please don't resist, now;
After all, I don't want overtime.
:iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 12 7
Filled with hatred nightmare-born,
His family dead he does not mourn.
Deep in darkness, he cannot see,
The crow the only to hear his plea.
Through the darkness comes a voice:
"Now then, human, make your choice.
Grab the thread and start to climb,
Then your soul I shall make mine."
Vengeance now his one desire,
All lost to him within the fire,
The vow is made, the contract sealed,
The demon's power now his to wield.
:iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 13 2
Follow Me by SpiritOfSakura Follow Me :iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 0 5
The Secret of the Radio Tower
Lavender Town: a small, sad place that few live in and fewer visit, though traffic has gotten busier since the Radio Tower was built. I currently work in the tower, and plan on moving to Hoenn as soon as I save up the funds. Why? Well, you see, Lavender is a town full of memories and secrets...
I had been working at the Radio Tower for a few months, getting along well and just earning a living, when one day the question popped into my head: When the Radio Tower was built…what happened to all the corpses buried in the original tower?
I had always assumed that they were moved to the House of Memories—after all, Mr. Fuji tends the graves there. But the Pokémon Tower held hundreds of graves, on several stories, whereas the House is much smaller, with only one room visible. I've heard that there are other rooms, but I have yet to notice any doors or stairs in the building other than the door leading outside. There is no way that the House could hold all the rema
:iconspiritofsakura:SpiritOfSakura 4 6

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I fave a lot of things. Actually, I fave so many things that I sometimes don't remember faving them.




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So. Won a contest thing, got a 1-month premium membership.
And completely forgot to use it.
And I just now thought, "Oh, I've still got a few minutes left before it expires--I can put up that poll I've been meaning to, or maybe a quick journal."
So it's already gone.

I just completely wasted a PM.
I feel ashamed.

And now I'm going to bed because I've got class in the morning. I just want to sleep till noon. I already miss being on break.
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Life is more important than the Internet, after all. :)
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